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You are not alone in this business; we support you to the end

You know your business very well, but what about the Internet? Unfortunately, it doesn't end with getting an e-commerce site, you need to know well the software you purchased, and also you need to someone to tell you about what features of this software you will use, provide you with benefits of this software, and give you information about new developments. As T-soft we know that as long as our customers can continue their activities, we can exist.
For all these reasons, we are trying to offer our customers the best of all platforms and we are improving ourselves day by day and increasing our service quality day by day.

If you want, let's get to know our support department first, and then let's explain our services.
The T-soft software support team consists of 10 support specialists and one executive staff.
Our support experts produce solutions on issues such as the use of our software, problems experienced by our customers, training of our customers, and conveying the suggestions of our customers regarding the software to the R & D team at our R & D Center in Yıldız Technical University which is located in Technology Development Region.
In the same way, they inform our customers when these improvements are finalized.
212 612 44 55 T-Soft Support Services Call Center
T-Soft software support team is the only team that communicates directly with our customers in support processes.
Our team provides support to our customers by telephone during working hours on weekdays and Saturdays and also outside this time period, they provide services with ticket support through the platform we call TDM.
We have a system team that does not communicate directly with our customers, but provides 24/7 service on server problems, system problems, protection of servers against attacks.

With T-Service brand, Tübitak, THY, Mado, Istanbul Aydın University, municipalities, hospitals, like our country's distinguished institutions and companies, provide information security services, our team consists of 8 people and with a staff of 8 people who are ambitious in their fields, they develop themselves day and night and enable T-Soft projects to work with 99.9% uptime rate.
T-soft Software Support Team office, our manager and team appear in the pictures.




Our Support Services


Support with Phone

In this service, we offer to all our customers, with its advanced call center infrastructure which answers over 20 international lines, our customers' calls are answered and the software-related deficiencies are eliminated and solutions to their problems are produced. If our customers call above our support capacity, our call center keeps our customers waiting and informs them when their call will be answered. According to January 2013 data in the call center of the customers, the average waiting time of the support specialist has fallen below 2 minutes.

Call Center: 212 612 44 55

Ticket Support via TDM

Support registration is created through T-Soft Support Center ( and our customers' requests reach to our support specialists in writing and are answered promptly.
All the customer’s past records are in this support model, and since messaging on each topic can be tracked back by both our support specialists and the customer, it is one of the most preferred support methods. TDM serves our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Click Here to Access T-Soft Support Center

Classroom Trainings

Training about T-Soft e-commerce software are given in the training halls at the T-Soft head office, and the trainings are provided every week between 14:00 and 17:00 on Friday. In the first of the two-part trainings, the initial training is given and in the second, details are given. At the end of the two trainings, our customers get using software at a certain level. The trainings which we want all our customers to benefit from are attended by an average of 15 customers each week.


Focus Trainings

When we have customers demanding specific training for a specific subject, a training schedule is planned, this training is announced to all our customers, and together with other customers who want to receive training on this subject, focus trainings are organized in a way that does not exceed a certain number.
These training requests can be received by our customer representatives, sales consultants or support services call center.


Support with Help Articles

In T-Soft Support Center ( dozens of articles prepared for our software customers are provided to get detailed information about the software features.
Our customers who prefer to learn by reading can learn the software by reading these articles.
There are articles related to all modules of the software, insufficient articles are updated quickly and articles of new features are added quickly.
Click Here to Review the Articles

Information Service About Software Improvements

T-Soft works almost with a dynamism that releases new versions every day. R & D and test departments perform tests of the features that the software team has developed and put the versions into use, and these features are explained to our customers in detail.
Click Here to Access the Latest Improvements

Learning by watching Training Videos

By our videos published on our YouTube channel, our customers are informed about the features related to our software by watching the videos.
Click Here to Access the Training Videos

E-Bulletin Information Service

Our customers, who are members of the T-Soft support e-bulletin, receive software improvements to their e-mail addresses and do not have to follow the T-Soft site to keep up with new features. Even if you don't yet have T-Soft e-commerce software, you can sign up for the e-bulletin and you can be informed immediately of the developments.
Click Here to Subscribe to the E-Bulletin

Customer Onsite Support

Our training specialists visit our customers and provide on-site training services.
Our customers who want to work as a team or who do not want to come to training at T-Soft Office can choose this training.
This service is not provided as a standard in any package, and in case of request, it is provided for a fee.
Click here for detailed information about the service

Advanced Support Service

T-Soft e-commerce software, unlike all other package softwares, has the features that allow the development of software.
For our customers who do not want to employ a specialist in their own technical fields in their own office or who have high expectations, a fixed support specialist assigned to this particular service model to serve our customers for 50 minutes every day.
Click here for detailed information about the service
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