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Add new products,
Edit your products
Add variants to the products,
update your variants
Add pictures to your products from your computer
Report when you make an error while editing Excel
  • Yet when you want to do each batch processing on your site;
    You can update your products by importing excel from the admin panel of your e-commerce site, after you specify the relevant fields, export to excel, save the file to your computer, edit it, and then import it again in your e-commerce site in the administrator panel.
    Since you cannot upload images from your computer to your site via Excel, you will upload product images either individually or in different ways.

    With Excel, you can be very pleased that you can manage your e-commerce site in this way by performing batch processing.
    You're not alone, millions of e-commerce site owner-manager like you are using the same method. Hundreds of e-commerce software provides this opportunity.

    Have you ever thought about what might be better than that?

  • If the software you are using T-Soft e-commerce, ordinary solutions, ordinary answers will not be enough for you. Your satisfaction level will be very, very high.
    The only way to please T-Soft customers is always to offer something new without stopping, always to make it easier and offering more flexible management possibilities.

    So what is this Excel Product Wizard?
    In fact, perhaps you need to say a program in Excel! A program that is always on your computer, which you use every hour.
    In this program when you say "Update Products" what product you have on your site will come to your program, when you say "Send Products to Site" the products will be sent to your site.

  • For e-commerce sites, uploading a batch of images to products is a whole different effort, uploading thousands of products does not end...
    Every time, finding the product page from the panel, selecting the product from the computer and waiting for it to load, sometimes cool people from doing e-commerce. This should come to an end.

    If you are using the Excel product wizard, from within your program, you can select the folder in which to import pictures, and define how the names of the pictures are. You can upload as many of your programs to your site as you like.
    No matter what grief, what worry, T-Soft bless you!

  • After working in an Excel file for hours, does it not give an error when uploading to the site? Phew! that's what!
    Search, find that. Find and fix yours. Who knows where you've done the wrong thing.

    In the Excel product wizard, when there is an error in the installation, the program reports each error and presents it to you. When you click on it, it directs you to the line of the relevant product, or even tells you what the error is.

    You deserve the best,
    Do not settle with less, ask for more.
    T-Soft e-commerce is enough for you!

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