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Why e-invoice

Fast, Secure and Cost-free Invoice

e-Invoice is the electronic form of the paper invoice. E-invoice, which has the same legal validity exactly the same as the paper invoice, facilitates the works of the companies in the digitalized world and improves the quality of service. The e-invoice system, which ensures a secure and error-free circulation of invoices, is much faster, economical and practical than the traditional invoice.

The Electronic Invoice Application (e-Invoice Application) has been put into service with the publication of the General Communiqué of Tax Procedure Law No. 397. Through our e-invoice solution, you can create your invoices with one click and send them to your customers instantly by e-mail. You can store all your invoices in the e-Archive invoice platform and you can get your old invoices within seconds.

Advantages of E-Invoice

Less Cost

You can quickly create your invoices electronically and store them for years. You get rid of costs such as paper, cartridge, toner, file. You save cost.

Fast and Risk-Free Operation

Invoices sent by e-mail do not have any risk of loss or damage in the cargo and reach the other side instantly. In this way, your collection and payment processes are shortened and your cash flow is accelerated. You save time.

Easy Archiving

You don't have to deal with traditional filing and archiving methods. You can store your invoices digitally for 10 years and access them all with a single click. You save space.

Why I Should Use the E-Invoice Solution

Advantageous Prices

You pay fees under the market per invoice. As your invoice volume increases, the price you pay per unit also decreases.

Error-Free Invoice Preparation

Through the instant automatic data recording, problems that may occur when preparing invoices such as account error, missing item entry are minimized.

Free Installation

While there is a charge for installation in the market, no fees are charged for you in T-Soft e-invoice solution. With remote installation, you also get rid of a hidden cost of up to 10% per year.

Customer Satisfaction

The secure circulation of the invoice among the supporters prevents the risk of problems in transactions such as the return and exchange, and thus increases customer satisfaction.

Single Click Ease

You can easily prepare your invoices and share them instantly with your customers. You don't have to make long accounts, or ship your invoices.

E-Invoice Support

Through our Integrator Partner's 24/7 Customer Support, your problems are solved and your questions are answered quickly.

How do I start using e-Invoice?

Our Solutions


Reduce your load!

The E-Invoice, in order to ensure the safe circulation of invoices, was put into effect by Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration of the Republic of Turkey. It allows the electronic circulation of invoices among e-invoice taxpayers. In addition to reducing your operational load, it also provides a cost advantage.


End of lost Invoices!

E-Archive allows your invoices to be sent and stored electronically to the taxpayers and the end users who are not registered with the e-invoice system. While your invoices are stored securely, you save space in your office for the invoice.

e-Invoice Package Prices

T100 T250 T500 T1K T5K T10K T20K
Installation Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee
Number of Credits 100 200 500 1.000 5.000 10.000 20.000
Unit Credit Price 0,220 TL 0,190 TL 0,170 TL 0,160 TL 0,150 TL 0,140 TL 0,120 TL
Package Price
(+ VAT will be added)
22 TL 38 TL 85 TL 160 TL 750 TL 1.400 TL 2.400 TL

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